Designing of new and reconstruction of existing filter houses of gas turbine

Project of reconstruction of FILTER HOUSE GAS TURBINE 160 MW.


  • - Reduction of pressure drop filter system.
  • - Increasing the efficiency of the turbine.
  • - Reconstruction of anti-icing system.
  • - Reconstruction of the automation system.

The project Filter House with a 2-sided inlet, for GT-75-80 MW.


  • - Filtration system with 3 or 4 steps.
  • - The possibility of final air purification by filters of class E10-H13.
  • - Anti-icing system.
  • - Sound attenuation to the required standards.

Filter House for GT 77 MW.


  • - Compact 3-stage static filtration system.
  • - Anti-icing system.


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