Filters of type IPF

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Filters of type IPF are used for cleaning of supply and recirculation air in general ventilation and air conditioning systems from gaseous and vapour contaminants of acidic and basic origin. 

Filters with anionexchange medium are intended for cleaning air from acidic gases and vapours: sulphur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen chloride, hydrogen bromide, nitrogen dioxide; chlorine, bromine, iodine molecular, chromic anhydride; vapours of acids: acetic and ant; aerosols of acids: sulphur, phosphorus, nitrogen. Filters with cationexchange medium are intended for cleaning air from basic gases and vapours: ammonia, hydrozine, hydroxylamine organic amines: trimethylamine, dymethylamine, methylamine, polyamines (dyethylentriamine, ethylendyamine, dyethylentetramine) aerosols of bases and toxic soles: sodium hydroxide, lythium hydroxide, nickel chlorate, nickel sulphate, cadmium chlorate, cadmium sulphate. It is recommended to use filters at low initial concentrations of gaseous contaminants. Filters of type IPF also provide cleaning of air from dust and fine-dispersed aerosols with the efficiency equal to F5 class.

Filter type

Nominal specific air flow, m3/hm2

Class of filter by, EN 779

Pressure drop, Pa


Recommended final



F 5




The temperature of cleaning air must be within the range of -40°C to +40°C


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