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Filtering chamber of pleated filter of type FCCF is used for installation and hermetic sealin Fig. Scheme of the filtering chamber of type FCCF. 1 – bo pe * size 764 mm r FCCF (К) GENERA DESIGN The filtering chamber consists of langes 2 at inlet and outlet for connec tlet in filtering chamber FCCF. g of filters of types CPF, HEF, HFMF-F, HFMF-H, CCF with dimensions 592x592x292(300) in systems of general ventilation and in air conditioning of household, administrative and industrial buildings. The filtering chamber is placed in the structure of a ventilating system and is its part. Filters are manufactured in classes F6-H14 and in some cases require installation of filters of lower efficiency before them. In this case, the filtering chamber of pocket filters of type FCPF (look the catalogue of "NPP "Folter") with prefilters PF of required class and pocket length of 600 mm can be set up before section FCCF. By request section FCCF can be supplied with elements for installation and hermetic sealing of pocket filters PF with pocket depth not over than 350 mm or compact minipleat filters of type CMPF with depth of 292 mm .

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