Consulting services

FOLTER Experts will provide you with a free consultation:

- selection of filters and dust collectors;

- solve complex problems of air purification;

- optimization of multi-stage air filtration systems.

tel: +7 (495) 730-81-19




Before you can get advice by phone or e-mail, PLEASE prepare the source data
answering the questions of our questionnaire in the  "HELP":

№ 1 on the selection of filters for air cleaning in systems of ventilation.

№ 2 for the selection of dust removal equipment in exhaust ventilation systems.

№ 3 concerning selection of filters for air purification from gaseous contaminants.

№ 4 for the selection of cartridge filtering elements of type CFE.

The choice of filters and dust collectors You can make yourself acquainted with our recommendations:

1. Air filtration in spray cabinets.

2. Cleaning the air in the compressor and gas turbine installations.

3. Air cleaning with plasma, laser cutting and welding of metals.

4. Cleaning the air supplied to premises.


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