If you have absolutely no idea how to start solving your problem or if you have doubts about the choice of a particular type of equipment, we will do it for you. To do this, fill one of the questionnaires. Remember, the better you will answer the questions of the questionnaire, the more accurately we can provide a solution to your problem.

This aspect of our site is able to help you in the selection of necessary air cleaning equipment.

1. If you have no idea how to solve your problem or you have doubts in the choice of this or that equipment, we can make it for you. For this you are to fulfill one of the enquiry lists and send it to us. Remember, the more complete are your replies to the questions of enquiry list, the more precise we shall be when solving your problem. 

Enquiry list №1 – selection of filters for ventilation systems of supply air.

Enquiry list №2 for selection of dust eliminating equipment in systems for exhaust air.

Enquiry list №3 for selection of filters for clearing of air from gaseous contaminants. 

How to select a filter?

You may select an air filter yourself in to directions: 

-if you know the product application, click this aspect


- determine what is the quality of air that you are to clean:

Supply air cleaning, или exhaust air cleaning

Click on the required direction, enter the corresponding aspect. You will see the photo of air filter, look at complete general design and choose a terminal (concrete) model or dimension type, after that you may look up the aspect

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