Air filters for ventilation systems

Air filters for ventilation systems

One of the elements of buildings engineering systems are the systems of ventilation and air conditioning systems that are designed for comfortable air environment.

The amount of air is regulated by various regulatory documents ( SanPiN and GOST R EN 13779-2007 " Ventilation in non-residential buildings."
OOO "NPP "FOLTER" has developed and manufactures a wide range of air filters for ventilation systems.
Air ventilation filters are divided into:

panel, cassette filters, which are produced, usually as coarse filters air classes (G2-G4)

pocket air filters of ventilation rough air cleaning of type PF class G3-G4 pocket air filter for ventilation of thin clearing of air (class F5-F9)

Folded filters, type Filters air , which in turn are divided into:

- minipiscine panel filters hef  (class F6-F9)

- air filters compact

- high efficiency filters for air purification HEPA filters (HEPA-filter class E10-H14)

- stocks large quantity of filters for cleaning air filters ulpa filters

Air filters clean the incoming air of gaseous contaminants and odors are divided into:

- air carbon filters

- air coal-dust filters

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