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Product Applications

Gas Phase Filtration

Gas Turbine Filtration

Painting Booth Filtration


Nuclear Application

Tobacco Smoke Filtration

Air filters and dust collectors!

We are producing a vast range of air filters for ventilation and air conditioning systems in administrative, industry and house-hold (living) buildings. The variety of offered air filters for ventilation and air-conditioning systems admits to provide both the air of minimum purification and high comfortable purified air creation in business centers of A class, in 4-7 star hotels, and clean premises of high comfort level.

We are producing special high efficient HEPA air filters, super high efficient ULPA air filters for purifying air in clean industry premises. Such premises are in medicine, pharmacology, microelectronics and other branches of precision Air filters of HEPA type are able to protect air environment from dangerous finely dispersed aerosols. Our enterprise produces air filters for clearing air of gaseous and molecular impurities.

Since 2006 the system of a quality management is entered at our enterprise according to the standart ISO 9001-2001.

Among another range of equipment produced by our enterprise there are air filters and dust eliminators for protecting of atmosphere from industrial impurity in metallurgy, chemical industry, construction materials production, etc. We produce the simplest dust eliminators of cyclone type, wet dust eliminators, electric dust eliminators, bag house and cartridge dust filters, aspiration units and other aircleaning equipment.



23.10.2007The beginning of manufacturing of new types of air filters


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23.10.2007New standards of Russian analogues of Eurostandarts EN 779 and EN 13779 are preparing for release

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